Saturday, May 10, 2014

Living at the Pace of Grace on Mother's Day Weekend

So, this is really not to give any specific advice, more to share something...

I found myself wanting to approach this weekend a little different than I usually do or I think maybe the Holy Spirit just slapped me and woke me up!

We Mama's don't want to admit it but we oftentimes get caught up in thinking about how we would like to be treated this weekend, what we would like to do/or not have to do!, maybe even what we would like to get! This is not wrong per say because we do ALOT and we do need appreciation, a break and we need to feel special.  

I have a wonderful family and I typically enjoy Mother's Day even if all or none of my expectations are met but THIS Mother's Day weekend so far as been different-because of a shift in perspective...

On Friday after work I started focusing on each and every moment that I LOVED about being a Mom, right then and there and I thanked God in my heart and my JOY SKYROCKETED!

A few...
I loved coming home and having my boys run up to me and hug me
I loved going to the park with the boys and racing with Lincoln on the blacktop
I loved swinging with Benji on my lap
I loved how Lincoln and Ben laughed as they chased each other
I loved how they needed my help with many things, and how they now don't need my help with other things (Lincoln on Monkey Bars and Ben going down the slide by himself! I can't believe it!)
I loved bedtime story time (even though I was tired)
I loved watching them play and wrestle
I loved playing catch today with Lincoln and watching Ben "race" around the bases (he went in a straight line! so funny!)
I loved how Lincoln came up and spontaneously asked me to pick him up and hug him tight
I loved how they played out back-digging in my dirt backyard
I loved popping popcorn for Lincoln while he watched a movie
I loved folding their cute little and not so little anymore clothes...

And as far as tomorrow- I will love once again- waking up and pouring their cereal, praying with them, helping them get dressed, going to church and whatever else we do...

Thank you Lord for helping me to slow down and just be thankful for each rich and holy moment as a Mother. I know there are many days I miss it, I don't SEE it, I don't FEEL it, but THIS Mother's Day, I DID and I AM THANKFUL...

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