Sunday, May 4, 2014

Please feel free to comment- looking for some insight: How do we manage the after work-bedtime CRAZIES??

Okay Working Mamas,

I will get back to more posts about the Pace of Grace, but wanted to put out a question to ya from a dear friend of mine-

How do you handle the time period between after work and bedtime?
How do you manage this time of the day- getting home from work, making dinner, reconnecting with kids and hubby?
Does anyone have any tips or thoughts on this?

Here's mine:
  • First of all- I have learned not to take too much personal for at least the first 30 minutes. I don't expect my kids to always be super excited to see me, listening and obeying right away and ready to follow my schedule/routine. If I let this go-it helps me not to get too irritated or hurt if they are out of whack for a bit.
  • Sometimes (if time permits)- the best thing for me and my kiddos is for me to literally sit still for 15-20 minutes. We get a snack- we sit at the table and we chat. I sit on the couch, I read them a book, we look through backpacks and talk. But the key for me is that I stay still. If I rush right into an activity that does not involve them, they are more likely to be nutty.
  • Sometimes (if weather permits)- we go outside and engage in physical activity. I have boys and they love to be outside and play. Engaging in play with them energizes them and connects me to them in a very positive way. Sometimes the last thing they want to do is talk, play is their language of choice (and we can also do this inside, but outside works best for us!)
  • Have a routine (but be flexible)- for us it is usually snack, play, homework, and dinner.
  • Involve them as much as possible with the chore-related activities. Benjamin loves to stand at the sink while I make dinner and wash dishes. We talk, listen to music and he runs up my water bill...BUT- I don't care, he is happy and thus my stress level is reduced.
  • Let them have some screen-time while you do chores if they are grumpy- it is NO BIG DEAL, sometimes they just need to veg out for a little bit and then they snap out of it-hey, sometimes that's what I need as well! 

PLEASE feel free to comment and add your tips!


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