Saturday, May 24, 2014

Your Weirdness is Wonderful

I have been reading an AMAZING book- Why Your Weirdness is Wonderful by Laurie Wallin (google it if interested or you can borrow mine when I'm done!)

It is just so incredible. The focus of her book is helping you see that your quirkiness, your weaknesses, your thing that makes you crazy about yourself, that God created you with those things for a reason. He does not make mistakes and even your over-thinking, over-planning, tendency to be bossy, etc.. ALL of those things when powered by His love, can be GOOD and for a PURPOSE.

This is a very FREEING concept and making this shift in our thinking about ourselves can really empower us.

About me- I love to be BUSY. I can't sit still.  I am constantly organizing the space around me. I feel such a thrill when I am moving around and accomplishing things. I love to look at a situation and jump right in to make things work more smoothly for others and I love to keep things moving. This is ME...And at times it is something that drives me crazy, drives my family crazy and can be a weakness especially when I miss out on the good moments where I NEED to be still.

So-I remember talking to my best friend about how I was being asked to be a teacher at church and I tried it for awhile, it stretched me and I am glad I could serve when there was a need, but honestly- it drained me completely. I was feeling so guilty about not liking this new position and wanting to stop. The role overwhelmed me but I was telling my friend how much I LOVED being the helper in the class- I TOTALLY ROCKED it and it energized me. I had teachers telling me that I made things so much easier for them and how much they loved having me help.. 

And she said to me something VERY affirming- "Liz, you are a Worker Bee. Some people are Queen Bees- they are gifted at running the show. Worker Bees make things HAPPEN and that is what you LOVE to do. So don't pressure yourself to be a teacher. Keep doing what you are good at."

Now- I am not by any means saying that we should not get out of our comfort zones and try new things. But the point of this was that my friend affirmed in me that it really was AWESOME enough or me to serve God in a way that used what I naturally was drawn to do and I did not have to try to be someone I am not. My busyness, my annoying need to constantly organize and structure my life and surroundings can be used in ministry. So...think about this- and embrace your weirdness and let God show you how it can be used for His glory, for the benefit of others and for your joy and growth.



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