Friday, June 27, 2014

Girlfriends- oh how I need you!

 This year I have really come to the realization that I NEED some girlfriends. Like REALLY need some girlfriends. Like I cannot DEAL without some girlfriends. And that is a big deal for this introverted gal who gets a stomach ache whenever she had to go to a party of any sort:)

I need you ladies! I really, really do!


I need you to GIVE ME A GOOD LAUGH

I need you to SIT IN MY HOUSE and NOT LOOK DOWN ON ME when you see all of my unfinished projects and dirty floors

I need you to NOT JUDGE ME when you see me yell at my kids like a fool

I need you to HUG ME when my pain is too much

I need you to REMIND ME OF WHO I AM IN HIM, when all I see is the ugly

I need you to TELL ME I LOOK NICE in my new shoes and when I get my hair done

I need you to PLAY WITH MY KIDS while I clean up my house before guests from out of town arrive

I need you to TELL ME NOT TO QUIT when my struggles with my man feel overwhelming



So I took a risk and started a group with some ladies from church- which we decided to call- "God, Girls and Gab". We have a FB group and we meet up weekly or bi-weekly and we just "BE". We don't do anything too structured- we chat, we complain, we laugh, and we just be ourselves-that is the main point- and we bring our kiddos so we are not missing out on our time with them...

That first night at Chick Fil-Et...I felt nervous and unsure- we all chatted and no one said anything about our group's purpose yet- we just ate and talked about random stuff- then I felt it- that tugging in my heart to be brave and real and transparent and I looked up and said- "So ladies, the reason I wanted to start this group is because... I need some friends."  I waited-...surely someone will look at my funny or change the subject or maybe just brush it off- but that is not what happened- we all agreed that we needed some good girlfriends and we agreed to be there for each other-sweet and simple. No major expectations, no set meetings, just that we would be there and that we would make an effort to meet up often.

We are just getting to know each other but already I feel different- I feel like I can fight my battles a bit braver and with a bit more confidence, I feel freer because I know that when those moments come when I cannot DEAL- I HAVE LISTENING, ACCEPTING AND NON-JUDGEMENTAL EARS...

And I feel HOPE because my ladies are ALWAYS POINTING ME BACK to the only TRUE source of HOPE- my God...

Maybe you need some girlfriends like me? Can I encourage you to reach out? They are there and you will never be the same! 

I love you ladies!



Samantha Jade Minor said...

What a great idea. I'm happy for you that you started a group. There are so many of us looking for girlfriends. We all need someone to just "BE".

Elizabeth Jones said...

Welcome to the group Samantha! Praying you also have some good girlfriends! God Bless!