Monday, June 30, 2014

I want to meet you!-Please Comment and Introduce Yourself


This weekend if you have a minute- please leave a comment and tell me about yourself- introduce yourself to our little group. You are incredibly special and an amazing part of the body of Christ and I want to know more about you! I am very excited because another CWM has created a book called Voices of Christian Working Moms- check it out! which tells our story and allows us to connect.

I am ordering this book by Ms. Chastain and will be sharing portions of it on this blog- additionally Ms. Chastain has agreed to be a guest blogger on Christian Working Mama so I am very excited about that!

Ms. Chastain sends out a newsletter with interviews for CWM's and I have seen a few- and they are AWESOME. She is requesting more CWM interviews and I will be submitting mine this week.

So- tell me about yourself! No set format! I will go first. 

 I am 36 years old- Mom to Lincoln and Benjamin.  Been married 12 years. I work as a Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluator. I assess and provide career counseling to persons who are eligible for the state Vocational Rehabilitation program.  I LOVE COFFEE, the color yellow,  sunshine, have a crazy sweet tooth and LOVE to write. I can't sit still, I get anxious in social settings but love meeting up and chatting in small groups. I was a missionary with Food for the Hungry in the Philippines for five months before I got married. I have struggled with depression since college and some days the battle still rages BUT my God is faithful. I love puzzles,  used book stores, thrift stores,  Hip Hop music, banana and peanut butter sandwiches and taking walks. Your turn!
Love you ladies!

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