Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Your Story Matters

I love stories- I have always been a reader and love to get lost in a good book. I find myself connecting with the characters, laughing with them, learning from them, and engaging with them.

But-these characters, unless based on a true story, are not real people. I can't call them on the phone or send them a text message. I learn from them and am blessed by the message I receive, but the real connection of course, can only come from real people-real stories.

Your story matters-why? Because every detail works together to create a beautiful tapestry, a masterpiece that tells a story that no one else  can tell- it is uniquely yours and yours alone. Your story- if it is anything like mine, has some dark places-some places that you would like to hide from the world. It has some amazing places- where your felt joy and love in ways you never felt possible. It has some narrow places where you felt life squeezing right out of you and it has some wide places where you experienced freedom and adventure...

I spend a lot of my time at work listening to stories. Persons with disabilities-with chronic conditions that I cannot even imagine having to deal with on a daily basis-they tell me a story and everyday on my way to work I ask God to show me where He is in their story and how I can help them move closer to Him with my work in career counseling. Out of all of the parts of my job that I love the most- it is the listening to the story. And I am blessed by their story...it needs to be told.

Is there any better feeling than when someone truly LISTENS to your story. When you are allowed to tell it-from beginning to the present time- hiding nothing, sparing no details and there is someone who sits with you and LISTENS. And is there nothing better than when you HEAR a story that reminds you that you are not alone? That someone else has walked a similar road and MADE IT. That someone else has experienced tragedy, or heartache, or devastation akin to your own and they are not only still standing, but they are THRIVING.

All I want to say to you today, Christian Working Mama is that YOUR story matters, it matters to me because I need to hear it, it matters to the body of Christ and your story reveals something about God that no one else's can.

Our God is UNBELIEVABLY creative in how he tells HIS STORY OF REDEMPTION through the stories of his children.


I have a new friend who bravely shares her story in her newly developed blog. I want to honor her by putting a link on this post. Visit her blog and encourage her. She is a brave storyteller and we are ALL blessed that she decided to share her story with the world.:
Blended and Blessed- Evonne Prince

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