Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Sweet Breath of Summer

Just breathe dear sisters...in and out- that sweet breathe of rest- of grace wrapped up tightly-breathe in that fragrant bouquet of heaven- just breathe it in and breathe out praise and sweet relief.
Traveling this week to upstate New York has been giving me a much needed opportunity to breathe...and it truly has been all grace.

Yes it can be tough walking this faith-walk but you gotta check your baggage my sweets. This sweetness of true holy life can only come through putting down the old and breathing in the new. And your soul will delight in the riches of Christ.
The sin, the arguing,  the frustration,  the anxiety,  the big ole YUCK- it pollutes, it suffocates and sometimes it straight up chokes- making you want to just give it up. Like- "see ya later life- you suck"-and sometimes it feels like that for a very long time...
But...there it is-I promise it is coming- it always does- the wind of holy, sweet, delicious grace- it comes and it feels like that desperate gulp of air when coming to the surface after a long time under the water. We pant and we pant hard while His love fills us and then we rest.
And here is the kicker- we can always have this- it is our choice- and we can find it and breathe it in when we capture and frame those sweet grace-wrapped moments and we can inhale them in and what naturally comes out is worship and praise.
Here are some of my breaths fresh air this week-simple moments where the fun, the "light", the beauty, the sweetness of relationship, sweet rest of babes, and the joy of family :
Breath of fresh air- An old "favorite" being enjoyed by my boy:)

Breath of fresh air-The island- surrounded by water with life abundant.

Breath of fresh air-my sweet babe sleeping- love that peaceful look.
Breathe of fresh air- cousins having fun with sugary treats!
Breath of fresh air- the love of a Grandma


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