Friday, July 18, 2014

The TRUTH Principle: Practical Tool for Getting Through the Grumpies- Book Giveaway!!

Friday was a bit of a rough day...I felt like I was juggling too much and I felt ineffective at work. My clients problems overwhelmed me, I was lied to and I felt frustrated. 

My husband called and we basically need a new car by MONDAY so we can go on our vacation. My shirt has been too tight all day and I hate my belly. I didn't have time to put make up on this morning, I have a butter stain on my jeans and I HATE stains.

I just feel like WHINING. What is UP with me today? I have a lot of moments like this, sometimes multiple times a day and I really need to GET A GRIP. My focus is so much on myself and I am just feeling stuck.

Gotta get out and MOVE forward in my mind and heart. Praising God for all that I HAVE and all that I AM IN HIM and for the OPPORTUNITY to DO SOMETHING about what is bothering me, one piece at a time. 

But I also think this is MUCH EASIER SAID THAN DONE. My moods do NOT go away very easily. And then that makes me even MORE grumpy! 

But I learned something REALLY cool a few summers ago from Leslie Vernick. She spoke at a Women's Retreat I went to with my church. At first I can admit that it sounded like just another "Christian formula".  But I have come to LOVE this and it helps me tremendously in my grumpy moments.

It is called the TRUTH principle. In fact, Leslie wrote an entire book on this but she gave out bookmarks to us at the retreat so we could memorize it and begin to apply it in our grumpy moments. 

Here it is...


The TRUTH Principle is a process to help you grow closer to God.  When you are stuck, afraid, worried or frustrated, these 5 steps can be used as a road map to guide you through your place of trouble and into a place of greater trust in God.  

T = Troubles
R = Response
U = Underlying Idols
T = Truth
H = Heart’s Response   

Identify your problem. Write it down. Name it. See your problem in words on paper.
(Personally I have learned to do this in my head. It does not have to be a lengthy process, but if the issue is deep enough, it may need to be.)

Self-examination.   Take an inner and personal inventory of yourself.   What are you thinking, feeling in regards to your problem?   How are you behaving? Take a hard look what is going on in yourself and what is your personal response to your problem? Write these down.  See it in black and white.  

What is the underlying motivation to your problem?   What is the crux of the matter? What is the REAL, DEEP DOWN issue? (For example:  Do you want to be liked? Do you want praise and acknowledgment? Do you thrive on stress because it makes you feel worthy?  Do you want to be #1, top dog?  Do you want control?) 

THEN:  Ask yourself: What do you want?  (Do you want to be happy?  Stress free? Content? Safe?) Write these down.  Put words to your desires. 

What is God’s truth for you? Ask:  Am I willing to surrender my desires (from Step 3) to God’s will for me? Ask: Am I willing to trust God? HOW:  Consciously choosing to surrender our hearts and wills to Him. 

Taking all the work from Steps 1-4 (head) and working to release to God and accept His love for you (heart). As we move from head (our will, our desires) to heart (God’s will for us), God does not take away our desires….rather He transforms them and guides us toward being more aligned with Him. 

These steps are taken from:
 By: Leslie Vernick
 WaterBrook Press  

Example from my day: Feeling ineffective at work.
Trouble: The trouble is that I do not feel like I have done my best today at work because my client's difficulties are overwhelming me.

Response: I feel discouraged and down on myself. I say things to myself like, "Geez Liz, you have a Master's Degree in this stuff, you should know the answers."

Underlying idol: My underlying idol is no doubt my pride and need to please. My desire to get it all right and my desire to FIX things.

Truth: God will and has always equipped me to do my job. I don't have to have all the answers but I have to be faithful in going to the One who does and to ask Him to guide me. My self-worth is not in my job but in who I am in Christ.

Response: My heart's response is to feel humility and peace knowing that God knows what my clients need and that He will continue to use me to help them in ways I never expect. My heart feels secure because I recall that my identity has nothing to do with my work performance, but with God's love for me.


So- the fun stuff- I want to challenge you ladies to use the TRUTH principle sometime this week and to share about it on this blog. I will give away Leslie's book to one of you ladies and I am also planning on getting a link to the bookmark so everyone can print it out and keep it with them if interested. 

Love you ladies! Hope this little tool helps you in BIG ways, like it has for me!


Lynda Holseberg said...

Wow! What an awesome tool! I would LOVE a bookmark.. I have been experiencing similar grumpies A LOT ... I have had some health issues; thinking it is due to perimenopause, etc.. BUT I can see that no matter what I am experiencing just examining thru the truth principle it helps me cope and gain a better perspective. I have always struggled with bitter feelings because I have so much on my shoulders BUT through this I have come to see that much of it I put upon myself. 1 example -Yes, my house doesn't look like I'd like it too... messy a lot Trouble is that it bothers me to the point that I can't stand it overwhelmed and frustrated- Response- anxiety, frustration and complaining causing my son to get upset and my husband and I to fight; Underlying Idol - same thing as you mentioned pride and need to please & fix things.. Truth - Progress not perfection My house is NOT a reflection of who I am in Christ.. Response - Praying for peace and grace is the best thing I can do to Let.It.Go. to God.. That my priorities are not His Priorities and what matters most are the things I do and can accomplish exemplifying Christ-like attitudes.

Elizabeth Jones said...

Great job Lynda!!! I love what you said about no matter WHAT the experience, you can examine the situation with the TRUTH principle to cope and gain perspective. THAT is what it is all about. I LOVE tools that are simple and applicable. And PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION- YES Ma'am! Awesome job lady!

Elizabeth Jones said...

Lynda!I am so sorry for getting back to you so late. I want to send you the TRUTH Principle Book. Can you please e-mail me at your address so I can ship the book to you? Thanks Lynda!