Tuesday, July 1, 2014

You are BRAVE! With Giveaway for Brave Storytellers!

Lately I have been thinking non-stop about the concept of "being brave".

Maybe because in many ways it is foreign concept to me- to actually BELIEVE that I am brave-that is empowering and I think that we need to remind each other how brave we truly are.

Bravery is not something I would automatically say is "ME". I tend to shy away from risk-taking, I like to be "in the background"- but you know what?

I think that I am done with all of that! And I mean DONE.


No more hiding. No more sideline living...

You know I am a word nerd so I came up with this for you ladies-
We are:

Bold Women who face
Real battles and
Authentically live and
Victoriously overcome and
Embrace each day IN CHRIST

Each day we are mothering our babies- we are fighting battles for them-

we fight on our knees- we fight with difficult consequences-

we fight with strong silence as we watch them work through battles on their own-

we pick up, we nurture, we answer questions, we teach, we embrace, we kiss boo-boo's, we clean, we pick up, we clean some more-


And we face hard times- we learn and we grow- we don't let our battles conquer us.

I remember days when I felt that I could not get out of bed- when post-partum depression and sleeplessness suffocated me and I felt like each second was an eternity-I never thought I would make it.

I remember as a college girl struggling with compulsive drinking and destructive relationships thinking that this was all that I had, that this was the best life had to offer.

I remember getting on an airplane to the Phillipines- feeling so unworthy of the title "Missionary"-leaving my newly engaged fiancé behind for five months to live my dream of serving the poor in a third world country.

I remember surviving-growing-learning-smiling-and overcoming.

As a Christian Working Mama- YOU ARE BRAVE.

You make decisions everyday that hurt but you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, know that your role as a Mom is the best gift in the entire world- so you keep going, you learn, you grow and you overcome.

Your story inspires me to be BRAVE. And we need each other's stories to keep going. Thank you for helping me to BE BRAVE!

One of the goals of my blog is to provide CONNECTION and ENCOURAGEMENT so I have a giveaway for a Brave Storyteller who shares just a few statements about why SHE IS BRAVE- similar to what I posted above with the statements that started I remember...
Share some of your "brave moments" and I will pick a winner and send her this beautiful necklace below!!!
Love you ladies!!!


Courtney said...

What a great article and very encouraging. I don't look at myself as brave or what I do but after reading this article it made me realize something I did recently was brave. I got down on my knees and poured my heart out to God with my desires and wants and asked him to take them over. I prayed that He would make His desires for my family and my life - MY desires. I feel that was very brave because you never know what God is going to do. It was such relief when I let him take over the wheel of my life. Since that prayer, I have seen God work in some amazing ways in my family and it is encouraging to see the fruit of laying everything at his feet.

Elizabeth Jones said...

Courtney- thank you for sharing! Surrendering our lives to God is indeed a VERY brave thing to do. It involves trusting and sometimes I know for me, that is the hard part. I like to think I can do things better myself. It feels vulnerable to let go and let God but that vulnerability is the perfect soil for God to bear fruit upon. You ARE a brave one Courtney:)

Jennifer Gearheart said...

Love this post!! I have found out just how brave I am these past two years. From my son getting into legal trouble and being separated, I have fully relied on God. I would have never been able to get through these situations without Him. I could not fix it myself. I can relate to the destructive relationships. I always thought I had to have someone in my life when I was really trying to fill a void. All I need is God and I am so blessed. I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing!

Elizabeth Jones said...

Jennifer- you have certainly been through some heartache these past two years! I know your story of seeing God's faithfulness throughout each day will encourage our group of ladies! Thank you for sharing! It takes a VERY, VERY brave woman to let go, to say goodbye, and to sit back and see her child face severe consequences. You ARE a brave one Jennifer!

Lynda Holseberg said...

Jennifer, Thank you again for this post! It is so appropriate and true. I believe that one's 'bravery' can only come from faith. The verse Philippians 4:13 ' I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me' is what I see when I look back to think of brave moments I have had & still have. You and all the ladies commenting have it exactly right = our bravery comes from letting go and trusting God's will.. I moved 900 miles away from my family by myself not knowing a soul to find what my spirit needed and grow closer to the Lord more than I have ever been in my life; I have stood by my husband during 8 major surgeries and now disability; I have tried so hard to role model so that our son will grow into a good Christian godly man but at times have failed and pray for guidance.. People have told me that I am brave but it is not me, it is the Holy Spirit leading me to be the person God wants me to be... through victory, failure, joy, loss, life lessons, growth, and perseverance. My tag line in my emails is a quote from Mother Teresa " "Be faithful in small things, because it is in them your strength lies".. Wishing and Praying for Many Blessings for you!

Elizabeth Jones said...

Lynda- I agree- it is our trust in our amazing God that makes us brave. I think you are amazingly brave for moving away and standing strong with your man as he has been through so much- wow...that is incredible! I loved what you said about victory, failure, joy, loss, life lessons, growth and perseverance- you covered it girl! And Mother Theresa is one of my favorites- I am definitely writing down that quote. I think the small things get overlooked a lot, but they are the building blocks for the bigger things and when we are faithful in them, we are stronger for the bigger moments in life. Thank you for encouraging me Lynda!

Elizabeth Jones said...

Courtney- you are the winner of the Be Brave necklace. I loved all of the entries ladies! Thank you all! Please private message me your address because I have a little something for you too. Keep being Brave Storytellers!