Thursday, October 30, 2014

Love Letters from God

This may seem strange- but because words are where I find my healing and peace, sometimes I think about what I would like to "hear" God say to me. I relish in compliments and verbal praise is my love language. So the other day in the quiet I closed my eyes and asked God to speak to me and tell me what He thought of me and this is what I heard in my heart...

Dearest baby-girl,

I saw you this morning- rubbing your eyes and dragging yourself out of bed, knowing that little mouths needed to be fed, husband's clothing needed to be ironed and that a request from precious little boys for sausage and strawberries was awaiting...

I saw you skip your shower because you knew that deodorant and perfume would suffice, and that that extra 15 minutes would mean time to empty the dishwasher and write notes for lunches.

I saw you push yourself to thank me for every little detail of the morning, so that you could find joy. I heard you asking for forgiveness for the extra chocolate you munched on last night, after feeling stressed. I wanted to remind you that although that chocolate is sweet that my Word is sweeter and I am waiting for you to let me hold you in those moments.

I saw you beam with pride as your 6 year old picked out a very handsome outfit and then laugh with giddiness and you saw the crazy-looking shoes he picked out and you did not have the heart to tell him because his eyes shown with pride and self-sufficiency.  

I saw how your two year old chose to sit and "help" you put on your make-up instead of watching cartoons with his big brother and eating breakfast and I hope you framed that moment in your heart as a reminder of how much your little guys love just being with you. I was proud of you for letting him put blush on your cheeks and powder on your face, even when he went a tad "overboard".

I saw how you grabbed your boys as they attempted to rush out the door to say a prayer. I know it hurt your feelings when the older one pulled away before you were finished but don't quit my daughter, these moments are game-changers for their days and set the tone and invite me into their days.

I saw how you threw the dirty dishes in the sink, and frustratingly mashed at the ants that will not give it up on your counter. Remember- this too shall pass. I saw you look at the unfinished projects and feel discouraged but wanted to remind you that you are also a work in progress and that I will help you complete what is necessary TODAY. And that those projects are not essential, that those PEOPLE, your people, ARE essential.

I saw you rushed home to get to the Dollar Store to get Halloween decorations because you knew that little boys would be excitedly ripping open the fun and splattering it all over the house in crazy mixed-up fashion and giddy fun.

I saw how you once again lingered over them sleeping and loved them fiercely.

Daughter of mine- I SEE you and I LOVE you and I am HERE. Connect with me and PRACTICE THE PRESENCE OF GOD in all of these moments and you will see our intimacy increase and grow and I know this is your desire. I have more love letters for you whenever you want to hear them.  


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