Monday, December 15, 2014

Redeeming our Children's Story

I've missed blogging- but God has been speaking to me and this is the first time in months I have felt moved to blog. Hope something here speaks to you!

God has a story that He wrote before time for each of our children. HIS story is full of LIFE, GRACE, HEALING, VICTORY, REDEMPTION, FREEDOM AND SALVATION.

Satan also has a story that he tries to weave into our children's lives. His story is full of DEATH, CONDEMNATION, BONDAGE, SHAME AND FEAR.



I love to write. I love stories and I love the story of REDEMPTION THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.
I love Mama's and I love to hear their stories and how God is working and moving and redeeming THROUGH THEIR CHILDREN AND THROUGH MOTHERING.

Mama's love their children SOMETHING FIERCE AND MIGHTY and as Mama's we get to play a huge role in the stories of our children's lives.

Sometimes those stories are breathtaking, sometimes those stories are agonizing. Scene after scene, with blood, sweat and tears, mothers in partnership with their Creator guide the stories of their children.

I wanted to share a little story about my son Lincoln. It is a snapshot of where I am with this little/big guy. I want to keep writing and speaking about my boys. I want my words to matter and to impact change for sons.

My thoughts on Lincoln....

Lincoln is my tender-hearted ninja boy. He is able to comprehend things way beyond his years. He never stops moving and everyone who meets him loves him. At school, he knows everybody and he shines the light of Christ even at his young age. His teacher told us that he was a really good example to his friend who gets in trouble quite often. He told me last night that he wants his friend to see Jesus in his heart so he was going to keep showing him the right way to behave.

Lincoln struggles with patience and sharing just like any 6 year old. He at times, loves TV and Video Games more than I want him too, so he fights me when I give him limits. He wants everything to be fair and again, just like any 6 year old, does not understand that life is not always fair and that we have to think of others first. So he gets angry when his little brother gets more than him. He is emotional and can say some mean words when he does not get his way. He has thrown things in anger and yelled.

But he always comes back around...The other morning I made him change his clothes and he told me he did not love me. 10 minutes later, he ran up the stairs and tackled me with a hug and told me he was sorry.

The other day, I was listening to Francesca Battistelli's song- Write Your Story. And he told me later that he really liked it. I explained to him that God wants to write His story on our hearts. He said, "that's cool Mommy".

Sometimes I get so frustrated with his rebellious nature towards me, but then I remember that God is writing His story on Lincoln's heart and I just pray that I get out of the way and let Him do it while also teaching and guiding him as best as I can.

I am thankful that I get to be part of the story of Lincoln's life. I want to speak words of life over my son and daily tell him that He is God's, that God is for Him, that God has a plan for him and that God is making him to be the mighty man of God he is called to be.

Lincoln's naturally extroverted nature drives me crazy sometimes. I like to be quiet and have alone time and he is always in my face. I like order and he is completely a mess with his toys, clothes, etc... Sometimes I feel like our personalities are so opposite and my irritation with this can lead to some ugly words on my part. I try to remember that as iron sharpens iron, that God is using even this little boy to help me die to self.

I love his imagination and quirkiness. Today he wore a Rudolph nose to school and I bought him antlers yesterday and he wore those as well. He told me that he likes to cheer people up by making them laugh.
That's my boy. Thank you God for Lincoln.

Yes, Satan has a story he wants to write on our children's hearts, but WE MAMA WARRIORS, we can't, we won't let him. We will be mighty in battle and we will SPEAK THE WORDS OF TRUTH to our children and we will READ THEM THE BIBLE and we will ENCOURAGE THEM DAILY and we will TEACH THEM REPENTANCE THROUGH MANY "I'M SORRY'S" and we will REDEEM OUR CHILDREN'S STORY.

We won't let their stories carry over traces of our sin and our generational struggles, we won't let Satan convince them of lies, we will speak truth and we won't let the world tell them how to live and what's important and why we are here. We will speak redemption and we will see God write His story on our children's hearts. WE ARE IN THE BUSINESS OF REDEMPTION MAMA'S. Every day we can choose this. We will fail. We will struggle. But we won't give up.

I want to speak over my son all day, everyday, on my tired days, on my frustrated days-

Lincoln- You are Beloved, you are Chosen, you are Precious, you have a God who loves you, who is waiting to Save you, Redeem you and Free you. He has an AMAZING plan for your life, A BIG PLAN, A MIGHTY PLAN, A NINJA-WORTHY PLAN, where you will FIGHT FOR GOOD and you will be part of something AWESOME and INCREDIBLE.

Love you all!