Monday, April 13, 2015

Awesome Idea from a Fellow CWM for Capturing Special Moments (you could even do this on your lunch break!)

This is from a dear friend. I love this idea. Check out Aimee's blog where she blogs about everyday stuff with creativity, love and humor.

Crazy Blessed Momma

Email Your Kids Special Moments
(Side-note: Aren't her kiddos precious! I absolutely LOVE pictures of kids sleeping. I take way too many of my boys.) Okay on with the blog post...

When your kids are born reserve them an email address and
send special moments to them. Give them the password when
 they are older. I love this picture and was sure to send.
I have created email addresses for my kids. I know there is some risk here, but I am the only one who knows the email addresses, so I am hoping that helps to protect them.  When something new or exciting happens or my children say something funny or reach a new milestone, I e-mail them.  Having e-mail on my phone, this is a very easy practice. I do not have to remember it later when I get home to a calendar or journal, I do it on the go.  I just send a quick message and maybe a picture.  Sometimes the e-mail is a paragraph and sometimes just couple words. You could even take a picture of certificate or good grades.

When my kids turn 18 or maybe when they get married, I am not sure, I will give them the address and the password.  I hope they will enjoy reading them.


Tanya said...

This is so awesome! I have seen parents who write to their kids' secret email everyday, but that just isn't me. I do love the idea of taking pictures of certificates and report cards. I really hate clutter and have to get rid of papers or lose my mind. Its not that they aren't important, but I actually have anxiety with so much stuff collected (we have 6 kids in our home), but this is a great way to preserve those things without the anxiety. And my kids will know that I cared about the little things.

Jhinezka Watson said...

I absolutely love this idea!!!! I am going to go and create one for my babies right now!!!!

Aimee Stafford said...

Thanks, Liz! I love that this idea will help a few other moms.