Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Mom Code- We Belong to Each Other

Last night I went to Chick Fil-Et's family night, hubby had a meeting and I literally got my kids from the babysitters, went to the dry cleaners and crumbled into Chick Fil-Et. It was HEAVENLY and so full of opportunities to connect with other Moms. I saw at least three obviously working Moms, still dressed in their business attire.
One with three kiddos and one pregnant Mom with her little girl. We all gave each other those "knowing" looks.

One of them could not find a place to sit, so I invited her to sit with me. At first she declined and looked at me a bit strange but later on in the play area she listened intently as I spoke about church stuff with an old friend I ran into. How God was working in my life and although she was texting away, she paused and was watching me. On the way to the bathroom, she looked up and smiled and said, "Now it's ice cream time. Gotta love Chick Fil-Et!" Just a small moment- but sweet.

When we first got there, my son was discouraged because he never once got "the VIP pass" in school no matter how good he was and then he said he did not want to do that "stupid" T-shirt drawing (Chick Fil-Et was offering T-shirts made from your kids drawings for FREE/ how cool is that?) because he was "no good at art" (okay my heart breaking in two). And then after nuggets, ice cream and playing, he decided to try and another Mom admired my son's Minecraft artwork and showed her son and my son beamed with pride.

My three year old needed help in the play area and the older one helped him and was SUCH the proud big brother.

We left happy, full and encouraged. My crumbled state of being was now back in tact.

Then there was today... work was fine, came home, fell asleep- let my kids watch TV for an hour and a half so I could sleep, I NEEDED this sleep. It has been two nights of weird sleeping for everyone and I had a 10 hour work day on Tuesday and I was fried, I mean like "chicken-fried"...

I completely forgot to take my kid to baseball practice! Freaked out, threw everyone in the car, my 3 year old crying, my 7 years old crying, no one liked me at this moment. They were perfectly content to watch TV. I've been to this field many times, but for the life of me I could NOT remember how to get there. We drove around and around that neighborhood for like 15 minutes. My kids were like- "Seriously Mom, what is up with you?"

Finally got there and realized we left my kids baseball mitt at home as well as the ball for my 3 year old's T- ball that he entertains himself with while big brother plays ball. My failures were displayed for all the team and parents to see, by the way- hubby is the coach (way to go coaches wife!) as I arrived 20 minutes late my kid also being the ONLY kid in shorts and a T-shirt on a freezing cold day because I was rushing him to get dressed.
But then...sweet breathe of grace-- immediately a Mom I did not know yet sent her older son to the car to get an extra mitt,  and then someone had a ball for my son to play T-ball with and all the Mom's looked at me like they just KNEW and they laughed with me and were just AMAZING.  Moms ROCK. They just get each other and so KNOW how those days are and it is awesome.

I went to the park with my 3 year old and found myself pushing four children, three not my own on the swings and just delighting in their silliness, sweetness and fun- shouts of- "push me next!", "this is so awesome", "I love to go high!", "My dog likes eating ice" (random- but so cute)...etc... Their Moms waved thank you from across the parking lot. No need for words- just smiles and waves.

Moms out there- you ROCK. We know each other without even knowing each other, if that makes any sense? We have a common bond and I love you. I love how you fight through bad days to take care of your babies, I love how you see other Moms and immediately take their crying newborn and tell them to go ahead and eat first, I love how you are so tired ad irritable and yet you push up your work sleeves and sit down to trace your kids hands on a T-shirt, all the while they are wiping greasy chicken hands on your black work pants. I love how you take a deep breathe and smell their hair and kiss their cheeks and remember how precious these moments are.

That is all...good moments for me this week- thank you to all those Moms out there- you know who you are!


Aimee Stafford said...

When we have these moments, they are so encouraging. Thank you for sharing yours and reminding us that we are all in this together!

Elizabeth Jones said...

TONS of those moments for me girlie! And I am so glad to be in this motherhood thing together with amazing women like you! Love and miss you!