Friday, May 15, 2015

My Plate

So we have these plates that oftentimes feel WAY too full, right?

So we, Juggle, drop, move something over, take something off, stack things on top of each other, throw things at other people, all the while accepting more and more.

My of my exercises for Thrive is to look at my plate and see what is on it...So I will share-

  • Work: creativity, productivity, growth, time-management
  • Household: laundry, basic cleaning, meals, picking up
  • Marriage: supporting husband's goals, coach's wife, time alone, working as a team, down-time
  • Parenting: having fun, play dates, spiritual guidance, teaching, discipline, connection
  • Creativity/Personal/Spiritual/Ministry: time with God, blogging, writing, reading blogs, self-growth, women' bible study leader (weekly), nursery worker (once/ every third month), reaching out in my community
  • Friendship: coffee dates, texting, FB connections, play dates, helping each other

So one thing I have realized is that I truly LOVE everything on my plate- I really don't want to ditch anything- but I want to better manage it and be more gracious and flexible with WHAT I CAN manage, WHEN I can manage it and HOW I can manage it. Priorities. And how much TIME I am putting into these things. That is my next step...

We are being encouraged to look at Life Balance and developing Growth Plans.

Thinking about our purpose, what steals our joy, how we want to be remembered and what is important to us.

And guess what guys? These self-reflection activities have NOT been stressful at all like I thought they would be! No panicking...I am loving seeing what my life is about and excited to see how I can be even clearer, focused and strong in these areas. It will be exciting to see where God take me and again, I am excited to blog my way through this and share it with all of you!

What about you? What is on your plate? Is it too much? What do you think needs to be removed?
This pic cracks me up...Are you ready to learn how to Thrive- check it out.

God Bless!



JLong said...

I was wondering if you had any insight or could share marital struggles that arise from the struggles of being a Christian working mama.

Elizabeth Jones said...

JLong- I will definitely pray about this and see what I can come up with. I think there are definitely some issues that arise from being a CWM in marriage. Stay tuned:) Marriage is tough for sure.