Saturday, June 6, 2015

Every Little Thing You Do Matters!

I am continuing to work through the Thrive program by Teri Johnson and am LOVING it. Everyday, I have been thinking about my "Hats" and who I am in those Hats and remembering that I can do small things to fulfill my purpose within these roles EVERYDAY. It really is very empowering and validating as I think about these things throughout my day.

For example-

When wearing my Daughter of the King Hat- I want to take time to read the Word. I want to pray on my way to work. I want to think about how much God loves me and thank Him throughout my day.

My Liz-Hat...I want to take better care of my body. THIS week- I thought of something simple-washing my face every night. Seriously- sounds so lame, but that has been an accomplishment for me. I get my jar of Noxzema, pull my hair back while the boys are in the bath and I and it feels like a little step to better self-care:)

My Wife Hat- I want to help my husband feel proud of himself professionally (I iron my husband's clothes), I want him to always know I love him (I can text him-"I love you"), I want to show him that I care about his needs (I can help him make dinner when he gets home late), I want him to know that what he is interested in is important to me (I can ask him questions about his interests-BASEBALL!).


One of the things this activity has done for me, is shown me how significant even the smallest action is and to KNOW that I am fulfilling my purpose by what I am doing everyday, even in the "mundane". It is encouraging, and it is life-giving.

When I am doing the dishes for the millionth time I am fulfilling my purpose as the Supporter and Organizer of my Home.

When I text a friend and ask her how she is doing, I am fulfilling my purpose as a Faithful Friend.

When I sit with my son and help with him with homework, I am fulfilling my purpose as a Supportive Mom and when I play "ninja" with him afterwards I am fulfilling my purpose as a Fun Mom.

When I go to work and ask my client's questions and point out their strengths I am fulfilling my purpose as an Advocate for Person's with Disabilities.

SO I am saying YES to all of these things and am blessed as I do so.
What I am saying NO to- is the propensity for me to see what I am NOT accomplishing, or what is left over or UNDONE.

The truth is that I can really get down on myself somedays-feeling like I am not enough, or not doing enough and these activities have reminded me that with God's help-I am enough.

Are there things in your life that you KNOW you are showing up for, saying YES to? Of course there are! You are a working Mama, you do ALOT and ALL OF IT MATTERS- be mindful of these things and celebrate and thank God for them, every little thing matters. Strengthen your YES muscle. Be resolved to say YES to the life God has given you.

And when you see your plate overflowing, think about what you can say NO to. I've shared before that my biggest thing I am saying NO to right now is perfectionism and people-pleasing. Probably soon I will be cutting back on eating sugar late at night- it is not helping me in ANYWAY:)

I would LOVE to hear from you! Feel free to comment below!

And if you want to find some great on-line connection- Teri has a Keeping it Personal website and a Facebook Group that you can connect to.

God Bless!


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