Monday, June 29, 2015

Good news for all the Moms out there who feel inadequate! (guest post-Hannah Kallio)

Ever Feel Inadequate as a Mom? Here's (Surprising) Good News:

There are many schools of thought in motherhood, but at some point we all feel we aren't doing enough for our kids. Sometimes you even feel who you are isn't enough.  And lots of experts try to reassure you that you are enough.

I'm not one of them.

Before I explain why this is really good news for both you and your kids, let me explain how I know it's true.

Why You're not Enough
Since becoming a mom almost 15 years ago, I've spent about 97% of my time with my children. I nurse every baby until they're over two. I read to them for hours every day. I prepare each meal from scratch using organic whole foods. But before you write me off as an annoying supermom, you need to know one more detail about my mothering:

It's not enough.

If I read for three hours, my children were disappointed it wasn't four. If I set the baby down after holding her for five hours, she wanted to be held longer. If I gave them two snacks every day, they wanted three.

Our kids were bottomless pits of demand. They were never satisfied. They needed an adult to say "enough" because it wasn't in their vocabulary.

It isn't just me. The Bible confirms this observation, and says none of us was enough.

Why it's Good News
Like I said earlier, this is good news, for you and your kids. It provides you with daily opportunities to point them to the only One who is enough. When they feel the need to call out to Him, He'll answer.

Admitting you aren't enough will remind you to call out to Him more, and He'll answer you too. I noticed a major shift in our family when I stopped pretending I was enough. Admitting it didn't just take the pressure off me, it was a relief for everyone.

What You Can Do
Shift your focus from satisfying everyone to listening to everyone. When I try to protect my kids from disappointment, they're often disappointed. When I stop trying to fix it and truly listen, let them
express their feelings, and point them to God, they experience more peace. It's no longer about my ego, it's about each child developing a vibrant relationship with the only parent who will ever be enough.

Now it's time for action: If this post was helpful to you, please share it with another mom.  And for bonus points, take a moment to affirm another woman as a mother. Point out a specific way she blesses her family.

Who can you encourage and affirm as a mom today?

Hannah Kallio helps women recognize God's voice in their lives, so they can experience more of His peace and do more of what matters. She's a wife, mom of five, and Certified Christian Coach. Check out her blog for more encouragement for moms at

She developed a simple process to help busy moms get more out of their quiet time (even if you're not a morning person!) 
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Elizabeth Jones said...

Hannah! This is one of those posts I will return to again and again as I work towards listening more than working my tail off trying to keep my kids happy and their needs met constantly. This is extremely freeing for me. I love that it is focused on pointing them to God. Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us today!

Aimee said...

Just amazing! And liz is right...quite freeing! Thank you for this perspective.