Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Grace- Because I am Forever Learning What this Means

In the slow, steady rhythm of LIFE, the Spirit MOVES in and through and all around to give me peace, hope and joy. When I am close to God, I am loved so deeply and intimately, that He and I are one and my soul is full.

In the fast, rushing rhythm of BUSY, my Flesh MOVES in and controls, demands, manipulates all around to give me anxiety, fear and frustration. When I am far from God, I am lonely and isolated and my soul is empty.

Why would I choose to EVER move at the pace of SELF versus the PACE of GRACE? The PACE of GRACE is a PLACE where I REPLACE all that is NOT HIM with all that IS HIM and I TRACE the JOY and RELEASE the SAD.

The PACE OF GRACE is a PLACE where I can LIVE, AIDE and GROW, where I am SEEN, KNOWN and LOVED through the eyes of a HOLY GOD because of the BLOOD OF A PRECIOUS SAVIOR. In HIM, I can live in a PLACE of GRACE.

The PACE OF GRACE turns away from offenses and turns towards forgiveness, The FACE of GRACE is one of gentle, loving-kindness where nail-scarred hands HOLD TIGHT and KEEP STILL the desire to rush and move away towards the NOTHING that makes me think I am SOMETHING.

GRACE is all I HAVE and all I NEED and all I MUST GIVE. I want to pour OUT GRACE like a waterfall, never ending, powerful and strong. GRACE is STRONG, STRONG ENOUGH to beat down all SIN, all PAIN, all SHAME. GRACE ERASES...and I am MADE CLEAN OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

I want my WORDS to OOZE out GRACE with every syllable, phrase and sentence. For wounded souls to find that there is A GOD whose GRACE IS SUFFICIENT AND WHOSE POWER IS MADE PERFECT IN WEAKNESS.

ACCEPTING GRACE means I am what I am and I will be WHAT HE MAKES OF ME as I completely SURRENDER TO HIS EMBRACE.


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