Monday, June 1, 2015

What You Had to Say About Being a Working Mom

It has been a few months since my post...
What I Think God Has to Say to Working Mamas and to my complete shock, the post went viral, had approximately 800,000 hits and there was a conversation on this blog including approximately 160 comments. Some comments were tough to take in, but thankfully this community handled them well.

Most were amazingly encouraging! For those of you who need some encouragement- I want to share some of my favorite comments

to re-energize you in your role as a Christian Working Mama.

 I continue in my belief that women who work outside the home and who are Christians are just like any other mother; they struggle, they love being a Mom, they question themselves and they love the Lord. Working plays a factor in their lives and they need support, encouragement and perspective.

 I am also a firm believer that all Moms are working Moms and my blog is not intended to EVER divide but to unite Mamas.

 I am a firm believer that we need each other and belong to each other and I LOVED these comments and am sharing them again! (I underlined some of my favorite quotes...)

 Here they are:

   "...But the universal truth, that common invisible thread that connects all mothers , isn't altered by where we spend our weekdays. Is who we are dictated by whether we watch "Sesame Street" every morning and worry that we should be doing more, or plan million dollar mergers and worry that we should be doing less? Mothers. We're exhausted and fierce and courageous and frightened and proud and embarrassed and overjoyed and slightly hysterical and so much more.  We are blessed with the most awe inspiring and terrific responsibility imaginable and we need each other. As another sister commented, we DO need to build each other up. There are plenty waiting to take us down...ourselves included. They will know we are His disciples by our love. "

"...there is not just one way to be there for your family. Just like there is not just one way or one place to serve God. A loving mom is a loving mom. My mom was at home part of the time, working or going to university at other times. I'm glad and proud of her choices in each instance."

"...One thing I have learned through the years is that we, as women, need to respect the decisions each other makes. Each mom in each family has a different path to take, and hopefully is being led by the Holy Spirit. We need to encourage each other along the journey because life is difficult and as moms, we all share a common bond. Let's lift each other up and encourage one another to be the very best we can be for ourselves and our families!"

 ".... what you said is so true Elizabeth! These kids with the working mom see the woman who trusts God for every ounce of energy and the one who realizes that two hours of Settlers of Catan and having them pitch in to help with laundry may be the better life lesson right now. I still pine for the days when I got to manage our home full time. But I love the special presence of God in the struggle of today. God's joy to you! Thanks for sharing with us."

"The Bible nowhere forbids a woman from working outside the home. However, the Bible does teach what a woman’s priorities are to be. If working outside the home causes a woman to neglect her children and husband, then it is wrong for that woman to work outside the home. If a Christian woman can work outside the home and still provide a loving, caring environment for her children and husband, then it is perfectly acceptable for her to work outside the home. With those principles in mind, there is freedom in Christ."

"In the day to day world, I do find myself being lost at time, falling through the cracks per say. This spoke to my heart BC this is my struggle, I won't share it with others for fear of judgment and negativity. I cried tears of wow this said it all. I feel more open and know that maybe I am not alone when the day comes to a close...I pray for all moms going the extra mile and being selfless. I pray for strength and peace of mind that we are on the right path."

"Thank you so much for this!! I need this just at this time. As a wife, a mother of 4 very involved active kids and full time employee, I get so overwhelmed at times....and I feel like this. Thank you for reminding me that this is the life God has given me...just this way, it is Because of HIM I make it through 8 hours of work, followed by basketball/baseball games, homework, dinner, prayer and rest. And your right HE has put certain people in my life to help me out....making it known that this is all HIM. Again thank you!!"

*One of my favorites*

From...Retired kindergarten teacher & mother
"I have taught school for 30 years; mostly in kindergarten. In my experience I observed my best students were the ones who were loved, given encouragement, & taught respect, kindness, & self discipline. It didn't matter if the parents were both working, were single parents, or were stay at home  mothers. Even the students who were in before & after school care did great if their parents were loving. I also taught students from all 3 backgrounds who were disrespectful, unkind to others, & had no self discipline. Just my opinion, but loving parents interested in their children's lives were the key to  successful caring children. I did note that the most successful students usually had some kind of Christian background, but not always. So advice from an old retired teacher, just love your little ones, show an interest in what they do. If you have to work, then work, just make sure your child is in loving safe hands when you can't be with them. Also, again, my opinion take your children to church somewhere. Most churches will help you teach respect, kindness, & self discipline."

Hope these encourage you!







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