Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Perspective and Peace for the Working Mother

These are 5 Things Time Has Taught Me:

1.) TAKE A DEEP BREATH. This one skill is 90% of parenting.
The hard times and the bad decisions- most of them- are not life threatening.                                                                   
Many of the beautiful, mundane, glorious, nuanced, obvious things of life should be savored by breathing them in. In the good and in the bad, take a deep breath.

2.) COUNT THE BLESSINGS. When a precious friend woke up Easter morning to discover her three year old had died in the night for no apparent reason,  I was at a loss for words. The worst possible thing was-Now. Here. Today. She began, instinctively, to count her gifts. The birds outside the window. A beautiful sunrise. A gift from a good friend.
Whether you are in the worst possible place and need to get through, or the best possible place and need to remember, count your blessings.
It will change who you are in the very best of ways.

3.) GET OVER IT. Life is not fair. Kids will misbehave. Spouses will be certain they know every single thing about every single thing. Money will vanish into thin air. Piles of clutter will mount.
But through it all God is good and forgiveness is a balm to a wounded soul.

I see so many people stuck in the cemented conviction of the lack of willingness to just Let. It. Go. You will always be better for forgiving. Always.

4.) LEARN A NEW WAY. A motivational tape I listened to decades ago said, “You have, right now, exactly what you want.” I didn’t really get it. Since then I have figured out it is another way of saying what matters gets done, what doesn’t gets excuses.
Maintaining a death grip on the way you have always done things might not kill you physically, but I have seen time and time again relationships suffocate, dreams wither, and beliefs shrivel unnecessarily when there are solutions and change waiting.

All you need to do is bring willingness to the table to collaborate with a better way.
5.) SURROUND YOURSELF. With people who are better than you at some things; who believe in you emphatically; who laugh at themselves and help you to laugh at you; who want–desperately–to do life with Jesus, family and the world well; WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN PERFECTION, except at the Cross.

Start today to sow seeds of growth, connection and triumph. Surround yourself with people who are doing the very same thing.

God is good. Motherhood is good. Life is good.

More about Robin: 
Check out this amazing ministry-Brighten a Corner
I am still not sure if it was God’s voice or indigestion.

Nearly 13 years ago I went to a Women’s Ministry conference, had some pizza for lunch, and thought God was telling me to start a ministry. So I did...
All these years later Brighten A Corner, which is a mini Extreme Home Makeover, is still around doing our thing. We have completed dozens of projects, used hundreds of volunteers and have a total value of service approaching $2,000,000.

God continues to takes my breath away.

I laugh, fully aware of the fact that I am wholly unequipped to do what I do.
The only thing that I have going for me is tremendous faith, mixed with (now) years of experience, and the ability to convince an incredible team of people to join in.
Through it all, the madness of ministry, the mundaneness of motherhood and challenging family issues- including (but not limited to)-a child with special needs, a son who went to war on the other side of the world, a mother in law with dementia, a father in law with Alzheimer’s, an exhaustingly unstable income and a feisty personality...I have learned several things to share with you about motherhood and I hope that they have given you perspective and peace as a Working Mom.

Robin is the wife of a manufactured home selling, airplane part inventing man who keeps her in stitches and mom to three precious kids who keep her on her knees.
She loves planning ministry projects other people think are crazy and teaching weekly Bible Study at a local restaurant that serves the world’s best pastrami sandwiches. In her spare time you will often find her volunteering at her kids’ school, watching 80’s TV on DVD, and unsuccessfully trying to get organized. In real life, she is mostly a mom, a terrible house keeper, mediocre home-schooler AND a fabulous cheer leader.
You can find Robin blogging at: Robin's Corner.

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