Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Do Something that Unless God Shows Up, You will Fail

Sitting, waiting, what's next God?
Do Something that Unless God Shows Up, You will Fail
Say what??? I don't know if you took a look at that title and had the same reaction I had when my Pastor said this on Sunday...
Can I be honest? I kind of get annoyed by radical preaching at times because I think to myself- "this does not apply to me'". I'm not going to Africa tomorrow to save orphans, I can't sell all of my stuff and just live in a shack and see what God does, that is not my calling. I am a Working Mom, I have bills, I am not very adventurous and I like control. COME ON GOD- are you really talking to me?

Taking risks is not my thing- nope, nada, zip- want NOTHING to do with it.

I like comfort, predictability and I want my "t's" crossed and all my "i's" dotted before I make ANY big decisions.

What is that phrase- "if you always do, what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always gotten..."
I don't like that phrase EITHER. But it chirps into my mind every single time I start to feel STUCK.

You know that feeling- like things are comfortable, but there is no growth, nothing deep inside that is blooming. I know that we are called to grow in our faith, but I think that sometimes I'd rather spend time trying not to grow because it feels safe. Such a lie. As I work on staying safe, noticed I said- "work" (because it takes effort, it I exhausting), I feel more anxious, I feel restless and needy, I feel unsettled...

So I have to ask myself- what needs to change? And then I hear my Pastor say- think of something-that UNLESS God shows up, you will fail (be embarrassed, lose, etc...) and then do it.

I met with a dear friend that same night who asked me a hard question about a big decision I have been pondering-
"What is motivating you to hold back Liz? Is it fear or faith?"
My answer: TOTALLY FEAR.

Taking a step of faith is really hard but I need to do it if I want to grow. I have learned that this year more than any other year of my life. I have been doing scary things and have been surviving and then surprisingly thriving (yes-I must have assumed doom and gloom, right? of COURSE I am thriving because God is SO awesome when we will just do what He asks of us) because of my steps of obedience. 

First it was organizing an event at my new church, then another event, then another, (I survived one, so I kept going! ha!), then it was starting a Bible Study, then it was expanding this blog.

And I will tell you as a seriously wimpy Jesus-girl at times-
God. Showed.Up. Every. Single.Time.

Like a Daddy giving his little girl a push towards jumping off that diving board, he got me moving and then...
 I jumped and felt the rush of the water all around me, came up for air and wanted MORE!

However, with each new step- the "fear factor" is still there and my "safety nets" become smaller and less sturdy.

I don't believe God calls us to total abandonment of all sense...or does he? In some seasons, in some situations, in some choices?

And I know what your next question is because it was mine...
What if I fail?
What if God does not show up? 

All I can say is this- failure is better than STUCK and God ALWAYS shows up, even if it is in helping you get back up stronger and more courageous-perhaps because He has something even bigger in store and is waiting for you to show Him your willingness (like the high dive!). 

I don't know where you are at sweet friends...

Go for it girl!
Maybe, like me, there are some dreams or adventures God has been stirring in your souls that maybe scare you half to death but at the same time make your heart pound for the first time in a long time?

I want to encourage you to ask God-

"...is this a time for total abandonment?" And then find that one thing that unless God shows up, you may indeed face failure...and do it."  And then tell me about it!!!


Anonymous said...

Love this and your site! Thanks for using your gifts to bless and encourage us working moms!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this post. Leaping in faith is hard -- but, in my experience, always worth it. Leaps of faith aren't always defined as "saving orphans" or "selling stuff" though. Sometimes, a leap of faith is a new job and the hope that you're finding a balance of what's right for your career, family, self -- and doing God's will above all else. We are all asked to do hard things and take leaps but those leaps may look different in each of our lives. Praise God for using our talents in so many different ways. Praise God for small leaps and big leaps. Praise God for equipping some of us to save children and some of us to build goodness in the world through our jobs and non-adventurous lives. Praise God for all of the heart-pounding moments that make it all worth it.

Elizabeth Jones said...

Thank you! I am SO glad God brought you HERE. What kind of work do you do friend? Anything you feel God is pressing on your heart to do? I know some days I can barely get myself showered and out the door- but God is amazing and takes our small and makes it BIG! Lots of love to you!

Elizabeth Jones said...

I love what you said! It is so so true, that what may appear a non adventurous leap of faith, in the eyes of our Lord is truly phenomenal and life changing. Some of the so called small steps of face are really gigantic and outstanding and amazing...and you are so right, all of those heart-pounding moment make it all worth it!

Do you have anything specific going on right now that you feel like sharing?
Lots of love to you sweet friend!