Monday, July 20, 2015

Five Ways to Refresh Your Soul

There are times when I feel like I am running on empty.
I feel like there is no spark within and my joy cup is dried out.
I need some things to care for my soul when these times come.
I need inspiration.
I find inspiration in a lot of things- lately I have found inspiration in pictures.
I am sharing some with all of you and my thoughts on them.
I found them at which is a site for free images.
So I will be using these pictures to share
Five Ways to Refresh Your Soul:
1. Face your own barrenness: We all have places inside where we feel barren, empty, alone, dry...we try to fill these places with a lot of things or we avoid them altogether. We will find that when we face them, we will become more aware of our great need for Him, for God and we will be able to offer up our emptiness and be filled with His Spirit. Sometimes the empty times are the sweetest because we allow Him into the deeper places.

2. Look for and Embrace Beauty: When I see pictures like this- I am amazed at the brightness of the blue. The color itself makes me feel giddy. I don't take enough time to embrace simple beauties all around me, but when I do- I will find my soul come more alive. He is a master artist and has created beauty in nature and creation that can just bless us if we take the time to notice it. 

3. Put on Your Big Girl Boots: Sometimes we just need to put on our big girl boots, pants, whatever and get moving. We get stuck, we drag our feet, we procrastinate and all the while the world is waiting for us to get out on stage and show up. God has given all of us talents, gifts and treasures to share with the world.

4. Take Time to Think and Express Yourself:  When I look at this woman in this picture, I think about my need to go somewhere-alone- and be with my thoughts. I need to do this more often than I actually do. And God has given all of us the ability to express ourselves- writing, drawing, singing, dancing, running, there are many ways to express what is inside and we need to do it.

 5. Live in Freedom: We are free in Christ. We are free INDEED. We are free to run, laugh and play, to dance in the sun, to twirl in the light of His love. As women- we are His precious daughters and He delights in us. Live in Freedom.

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Anonymous said...

I find inspiration when I take time to be creative (which I don't do nearly enough). If I take time to encourage someone by writing a card, making a meal from scratch, making a card or sewing this will energize me when I am feeling spent. A quick fix is usually sitting down and drinking some ice cold water with lemon or lime and that instantly energizes me a bit and refreshes me. Of course, most importantly, spending time with the Lord!:)