Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Simple Tools for Praying More/With Your Children as a Busy Working Mom!!

It's one of those things we all know we should do.

We all know that praying scripture for our children is one of the most powerful things we can do as a parent.

But let's face it, life is busy and besides, the Bible is a big book!

Where do we start?

I've learned that praying scripture is as simple as having a few tools.
Having scripture on hand in the form of a bookmark, prayer calendar, or prayer cards has increased both the quality and quantity of my prayers. I hope the simple tips and resources below help you as a busy mom pray consistently for your children.

Sometimes all we need is a simple tool to pray more for our kids! Use this printable tool to pray for your children.  

1. Select a tool.

As mentioned above, choose one tool to start with, such as a prayer calendar, bookmark, or scripture cards.

2. Select a time.

This could be on the way to work, while you shower each morning, on break, or while folding laundry. Pair prayer with another daily activity and use that as a reminder to pray, every day. Consistency is key.

3. Pick a family prompt.

One fun way to pray as a family is by choosing a prayer prompt such as when the telephone rings or when someone burps. Every time it happens, stop to pray! You can even have a jar of scripture cards and when your "prompt" happens, have a child pull a card and everyone pray that scripture together. See how fun and easy it is to add more prayer to your day?
One resource I use are these prayer cards. My son worked with me to select 26 virtues and corresponding scriptures to pray and together, we created printable prayer cards for each one.
a-z_virtues to pray for your children
Praying scripture for your children: FREE set of scripture prayer card printables.
I hope you find these tips useful~ I'd love for you to visit me at my blog for more great resources and inspiration.  
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Elizabeth Jones said...

I cannot wait to try these out Arabah! I will be printing them out and putting them around my house. I like to use my window near where we eat to put up scripture. I will probably use clothespins and hook them onto my curtains:) This will give me something I can go to and read with my boys at mealtime. My 7 year old can read now and he often looks to the window to find what I have put up each week. I like how you indicate that we need to find a tool, a time and a family prompt. I have not tried that yet- but will think of something and let everyone know how it goes!