Monday, July 20, 2015

The Holy Hands that Take Care of my Babies While I am at Work

My Mom just sends me a message on FB that the boys have been swimming all day, are tired out, getting settled to watch TV (older boy) and nap (little guy). She tells me of their adventures attending the magic show at the local library and how silly my older guy was-getting up and volunteering. She sends me pictures of them playing in the rain...

My friend texts me and tells me how my "Benny" as she calls him is laughing and being silly; because when I left this morning he was crying and she wants to reassure me that everything is fine.
She tells me that she offers my older guy a grilled cheese after school and he says-"No thank you, I like my Mommy's the best". And she reminds me- YOU are still "#1 Mama" in his life. She calls me and asks me my opinion on how to handle certain issues with my kids- again- supporting my role and helping me with my insecurities at times with giving them over as I walk out the door. 
My dear friend and I have become like sisters and we love our boys. She is amazing with them and I could not be more blessed with the care that she provides for them.
At Christmastime- holding each other's babies-

Benji and sweet are they?

My son and her son are starting to actually sound alike when they speak, and they love each other like brothers so with crazy silliness, fights and a desire to always be together even when they drive each other bananas.

Then there is my "back-up and summer lady" who takes care of my older guy when he wants to play with older kiddo's and both kiddos when I need her. She is always available, ALWAYS. She loves my kiddos with crafts and swimming and welcomes my them into a home with lots of kids allowing them to become part of yet another family- which includes foster children from time to time, babies and best buddies.  

My Mom and my friends- the ladies who Mama my babies for me when I am away. They are my heart.
They teach them about Jesus, they give them baths, they make them snacks, they referee fights, teach manners and wear themselves out in a mighty holy calling of "childcare"-which is more than just those words.

Mom reading after school with the boys...

They are "child-loving, child-feeding, child-game playing, child-holding, child-boo-boo kissing, child-teaching, child-loving servants" and I could never express how much I appreciate what they do when I am at work. I can only take the five minutes of down-time until I get back to my job and write a little blog post.

My heart is in their hands and in their care. When I hear about their day- my heart leaps with joy, gratitude, anxiety at times, a little sadness or jealousy, but always lots and lots of eye-brimming tears and thanks-be-to-God feelings more than anything.

To the hands that hold my babies when they cry, that wipe their bottoms, that talk with them about that bad day at school, that make them popcorn everyday, that teach them to speak a new language, that take oodles and oodles of pictures and give lots and lots of hugs and kisses- I love you!

You have holy hands and you do holy work and I am in holy AWE that God would provide me with such amazing women. 

The "gang"...

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Laura said...

Thank YOU for your beautiful words that brought tears to my eyes. Most days with your boys are fun-filled, relaxing and crazy at the same time, and I go home feeling thankful that I just got to be with them. Harder days bring me challenges that God gives me strength and grace to grow myself. Know that your boys always look forward to their Mama coming through the door, and this Grandmommy does too!