Monday, August 3, 2015

Needed: Guest Bloggers Wanting More Community and Connection

So I have about four or five more guest bloggers that will come and visit this site. My original goal when having these bloggers was to give myself more time to work on some content that I could possibly sell on my blog. It was a really good idea, but it's funny how we can have ideas and then God shows up with other plans.

Now I still think at some point, I will find the right time and space in my schedule for creating some content that I can use to encourage all of you and also supplement my income, but right now God is still in the building phase with these plans.

As I have been connecting with amazing women, I have had a surprising, almost giddy joy in reading their posts, learning about them, and sharing them with all of you.

My passion for the story of God's girls is growing.

My site will always be a safe place for Christian Working Moms, but another layer of this site had has always been there but is becoming even more of a focus – is my passion for all mothers and the stories that they have to share.

Rich stories, filled with amazing perspective, bravery, and Gospel Glory.

So far I have connected with-
... several homeschool mothers living in Asia
...a mother struggling with postpartum depression but still grasping for victory and overcoming every day
...a Mama who is spending her days in the cancer center with her hubby
...a mother whose heart bled with the desire to stay at home and then submitted to God's plans as she works full-time outside the home, runs a farm with her husband and  disciples and loves on her three children
...a military wife with an amazing sense of humor
...a mother who has experienced loss that I can't even imagine
...a woman who began a ministry on a wing and a prayer and continues to seek God's plans as she raises a daughter with special needs
...soon I will be introducing a therapist, a child advocate social worker, a woman with a passion for blended families…

As I have connected with these women, I have been given glimpses of God's character and through these women I have grown in my faith.

This is what the fellowship of Jesus's girls is all about.

So-as planned I diligently worked on a printable for this site when I would usually be blogging. I was pretty excited about it.
And flash drive crashed.
I had not backed anything up, so I lost all of it.
And then...I fell and fractured my wrist which took away my ability to type quickly which is how I get things done with my blog throughout the day.

And here I am, using a speech to text software program to type this blog because I have a cast on my right hand.

And I am going about my daily life, but-deep inside – there is so much that God is cultivating, nurturing, and refining. Whatever He has for me, I am here and I feel so much peace knowing that He will change my plans whenever He sees fit.

This year I will be leading a weekly women's Bible study at my church. This past year I did a bi-weekly study, which came with a video and honestly although it was awesome, did not require a lot on my part other than discussion facilitation. This coming year I will be teaching from the book of Romans and I will be doing quite a bit of preparation for the study. I am definitely anxious about the time that it will take to put into it, and the fact that my boys will be in childcare once a week in the evenings, but there's no doubt in my mind that this is where I need to be focused for the next year.

So, what does this have to do with the blog? Well, I know that this study will take up a good chunk of my time.
I plan on continuing to blog 1-2 times a month.
But what I would like to do, is to continue offering my blog as a place for God's girls to come and share their stories.
This is the deal – if you are interested in being a guest blogger, let me know. I will edit your blog posts, add some images if you would like and we will continue encouraging the women who visit this blog -together.

I believe that this will help this community of moms grow and will help you you grow personally.
I believe in you.
I believe in God's story in you.
And even if you have never blogged before, I challenge you to consider sharing your story in this forum.
I will help you and support you.

I am excited to start this new journey of teaching and I will stay close to this blog no matter what. Please let me know if you're interested in sharing your story.

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Kara Braun said...

If you are still looking for someone to guest blog, I might be interested! Feel free to check out my blog and let me know. I looked for a way to message you other than commenting, but I didn't find anything. (I could just be blind.)