Thursday, August 20, 2015

God is Always on Time

"There’s a time and season for everything under the sun." Ecclesiastes 3:1.

This is the verse I’m reminded of when I want a situation to be resolved but it’s not happening as quickly as I would like.

Like when I want a new house, car, or job-I want it-RIGHT.NOW- can you relate?

In life we are often impatient.

Even though we know God will answer our prayers we often can’t wait and we want God to answer our prayers “right now Lord”.

My life is full of many examples of how just waiting (not that I wanted to) for God to work a situation out worked in my favor.

I remember when I graduated from graduate school I was more than anxious to begin a “real” job. I went to graduate school and completed my internship at an agency that stated they hired their interns upon graduation. Well exactly 4 months before I graduated the effects of The Great Recession hit my agency and I was told they had a “freeze” on hiring.

Over the course of the next 9 months I applied for over 80 jobs and went on countless interviews. I attended anything that had “job” in the name- fairs, seminars, and job search classes.
My friend and I even completed a 3 day fast praying for me to get a job.
I was so desperate I considered taking a position I was offered about 400 miles away in rural Georgia.

This job would have caused our entire family to relocate. My husband talked me out of accepting this position.
Exactly a month later-
I was offered a job 2 miles from my house, in the same division I interned for and the best part, the pay was more than the job I was offered that was 400 miles away.
Talk about God’s perfect timing!!!

During this time in my life, I carried a simple prayer in my purse that said:
“God put me in the position you want me to be in”.

Like my mommy used to say God may not come when you want him but...
 He’s Always on Time.

Is there something in your life right now that you are waiting for? Do you find yourself struggling with impatience as you wait?
Consider doing something like Melinda did- a simple prayer in your purse for what you are waiting for- with Ecclesiastes 3:1 written on the back!

Whenever you feel anxious about what you are waiting for- pull it out and continue to wait in expectant faith- knowing that God is always on time!

Melinda is a Social Worker for Foster children. She has been married for 13 years and
has an 8 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. Her favorite verse stems from childhood:
 John 3:16:
"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have everlasting life."

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