Monday, January 25, 2016

Working Mom Meets Snowstorm

So for many of you who live near the East Coast, you have also been stuck inside and playing outside due to a crazy blizzard.

I'm pretty sure Baltimore broke a record of 30 inches!

And now some of you working moms, rock the stay-at-home routine really well. When you have opportunities to be home all day with your children, you come alive. Then there are others like me, who tend to get a little stressed out , slightly overwhelmed at all of the opportunities for unstructured chaos, delightful fun.

In the past, during snowstorms, I tend to get extremely  maybe slightly anxious. I like schedules and routines, having space for alone time, and being physically active. Enter a snowstorm which renders me to being indoors – at least at first when the storm is raging, interrupting all of my usual routines and schedules and typically allows me very little space for alone time and I can get a little psycho I embrace it with open arms.

Sometimes I really wish I was not so high maintenance :-) so I've been working on asking the Lord to help me to be more intentional about letting things go and doing things differently and being uncomfortable. I've been trying to hold back when I feel the need to control, to allow spontaneity and fun more room in my life, to stay in the moment versus constantly evaluating the time in my day and how I am using it and although it's challenging – it is also very freeing.

I have to share, that I am super excited about how I handled the snowstorm this year. The way that I handled it – or should I say the way that the Holy Spirit handled me and I listened, and has shown me how much I have grown in the past year.

You know sometimes you just need to be reminded that you are moving forward.

And as a mom, you have these incredible little creatures in your life that if you pay attention and every now and then let them take the lead on things, you will find yourself in moments of rich life-giving joy.

Sometimes you need to just let your kids lick the cake batter out of the bowl right near the computer, your Bible, the nail polish, and crayons and realize that this life you have is absolutely amazing :-)

Sometimes you need to get creative and build racing tracks in your small house and laugh as your child squeals in delight with each and every car that goes zooming down that track and realize that sometimes doing the same thing over and over again is worth it when it makes someone else happy.

Sometimes you need to take a chore like doing laundry, one that you usually try to get done as quickly as possible, and make it a game. You need to play "laundry cashier" and have each and every item of clothing scanned, checked and approved by your three-year-old. And you need to remember that sometimes slowing things down allows for fun and joyful new learning to occur.


Sometimes you just need to pull out the twister mat, watch your kids twist and turn, fall down and laugh and well- who cannot help but love twister :-) It's so good to be able to laugh at yourself and children have an amazing way of teaching us that.
So I guess you could say that during this snow storm, the Lord gave me some awesome opportunities to be intentional with my children – by seeing them through different eyes, noticing the goodness and joy in the simple things and letting go of what is not important.
Love you all!


Denise said...

Suffering with you in PA! They still do not have our street dug out.

Elizabeth Jones said...

How is everything in PA now? We are finally starting to see some ground:) kids go back to school this week- expecting a rough transition for my big guy. He gets easily thrown off- he has settled in quite nicely to playing all day long. What kind of work do you do Denise? Thanks for stopping by:)