Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Struggling with Working Outside the Home?

This is a very challenging post to write...  

 For me personally, although I have struggled with working outside the home and I have had moments of great tension/stress, I have never felt that I was doing something against God's will and I never felt like my work was keeping the from being the wife and mother that I wanted to be.  

 I also happen to have a very flexible job and a very understanding employer. I consider myself very blessed. 

 I know that there are many of you out there who do not want to work outside the home and struggle with this tremendously. You have a fiercely strong desire to be home with your children and every day is a tremendous struggle for you. 

 You may work for an employer who shows no empathy for your role as a mother. You may have a husband who works very hard and you don't want to make him feel guilty by complaining. There are so many different scenarios that a mother who works outside the home can be in.

 This post is not intended to answer all of your questions and believe me that it comes from a place of simply wanting to encourage and support as much as possible. I am assuming that the advice that I have, most of you have already been seeking out – because I know you are strong women of God.  

 But even if there is one lady out there who finds something in this post, helpful, it will be worth it. 

 If you are truly struggling with being a CWM and feel that working is preventing you from fulfilling your calling in your home and as a mother, pay attention to these feelings.  Ask yourself the following questions:

1.    How is my marriage? Am I able to nurture, support and grow closer to my husband right now?

2.   How are my children? Are they growing in their faith? Are their needs being met? Am I able to give them the attention they need?

3.   How is my home? Am I able to manage the basics (with the help of my husband) such as finances, food, organization, scheduling?

You may be struggling in these areas and may need some strategies to strengthen things- or you may need to re-evaluate your role as a working Mom.
My thoughts-

1.    Pray about it. Fast and pray for a few weeks. Pick a day/week and fast and ask the Lord for clarification.

2.   Talk to your husband and glean his perspective on the above questions and concerns.

3.   Map out the areas of weakness and struggle together and work together to determine possible solutions and ways to make sure needs are being met.

4.   Consider alternatives at your workplace.

5.   Pray about meeting with your boss and softening his/her heart.

6.   Request options; working from home, replacing a weekday with a weekend day to have time to do things at home (maybe hubby can take over on a Saturday morning while you work), express to your boss your desire to be a good Mom and also be an excellent employee.  

7.   Think about your support system and how you can reach out for help. Remember that you are not alone. The body of Christ is designed to work together. Seek out people who can support you as a working Mom- you never know until you ask. Don’t isolate and assume people will judge you or think less of you. Pair up with a stay at home Mom and ask for prayer and support.

Remember: God knows your heart and wants to support you.  Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want and need and then trust, wait and remained grounded in  the Word.  

 If you are struggling with working outside the home- comment below and ask for prayer. Let's support each other!!!