Friday, March 18, 2016

The Inspirational Moments in the Interrupted Life of a Mom

If I haven't said so before I'm going to say it many times throughout this blog post I think mothers are amazing. So often we forget all of the ways in which we surrender our  lives on a daily basis to our little people. I think that being a mother is one of the best gifts that the Lord can give this selfish, want my own way, introverted and hate to be interrupted, totally driven by being productive – kind of woman. I want to chat for a minute about interruptions...

My oldest son Lincoln,  who is now eight years old has perfected the art of interrupting my finely crafted plans for the day with his delightful hour long conversations about well- the extremely meaningful and minute details  of the day to day life of an eight-year-old boy.  Today he told me that he turned around and bumped into a little girl in line behind him in their lips touched.  He then wanted to talk about all the different ways you could make a square – all the different shapes possible. He asked me if I wanted him to teach me how to draw a cube.

Lincoln has also has become the expert at noticing when I am the busiest around the house and insisting that I must see what he is doing at the opposite corner of the house – typically involving doing some kind of stunt, a new Lego set up, or some kind of science experiment he has concocted in the bathroom sink. Today we spent about 20 minutes trying to get an old birthday balloon that had floated up to the top of our stairwell.

The process involved a hanger, a little boy on tiptoes and a mother about to have a heart attack. But apparently I was like a superhero once I actually got the balloon down.

I know he's my son, but I happen to think that he is the most exquisitely designed and the most beautiful work of art.  And all of those moments that at the time seem entirely out of my plans, uninspirational and lacking in agenda – are the moments worth recording, worth being interrupted  for and totally the stuff of motherhood that brings me the greatest joy.

The other day we were saying good night and I was praying and I said- "Lord God, please forgive me for not always being the best mom that I can be for these boys." And after the prayer was over – Lincoln said to me – "I don't know why you prayed that, you are always the best mommy for us. You play with us, you listen to us, you get us snacks even when you're tired, you think of fun ideas for things that we can do together, and you tell us about Jesus."

Benjamin is my four-year-old and still my baby. He carries around a Blankey like Linus- Who he lovingly calls – "Little Blanko." I think he is the cutest and most hilarious kid in the world. We were watching a YouTube video the other day of the Air Force parachute team singing Taylor Swift's  song "shake it off." He loved it and said the absolutely most funniest thing – there was a moment where the parachute team included to parachuters, one was on his knees and the other one was standing on top of the other one and they were of course floating in the air. He said to me – "mommy I will be the guy on top and you have to be the one on the bottom. OK?" This little guy somehow believes that is 38 year old mother is brave enough to jump out of a helicopter and perform stunts with him –hey, he believes in me! Good, good stuff.

Today I came home from work after struggling to get through the day with some type of a stomach bug. I honestly wanted nothing more than to lay on the couch and be left alone. My husband had a meeting to go to and as he left I wanted to cry. My boys paraded downstairs with shouts of – "Mommy– Lincoln threw up three times today!",  "Mommy-can you get me some applesauce?", "Mommy–come look at my new Lego creation!" At first I wanted to crawl into a hole, but instead – drink some ginger ale, ate a few crackers and dragged my body up the steps. I laid on my unmade bed – recently stripped due to all of the puking going on and my four-year-old thought it was funny to take pictures of me.  Then I told the boys it was time for Bible study. We found Jesus videos online talking about Easter. Those boys sat and watched the entire story from the Lord supper all the way until Jesus rose from the dead. Probably sat for about an hour. You can't tell me that was not a holy moment – right then and there.

 We will always have interrupted and inspirational moments as moms. Let's make sure we are always willing to be interrupted so that we don't miss out. Preaching to myself of course!

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