Wednesday, April 6, 2016

A Mama's Number One Defense

Why talk about self-confidence in our kids? Why am I so focused on this right now? Why do I want to commit a whole series on this topic? Why do I want to look into this so much?…

Time to fess up- because of one of my biggest fears….my deepest fears…is that my children will struggle with self-confidence/esteem, whatever you want to call it…as much as I did. I am afraid. Yes I am. It is an area of such strong vulnerability for me. It is one of those wounds that is still fresh enough that at times it still stings. I know I am healed and whole in Christ and my own sufferings have served to help me be a better counselor with the individuals I work with on my job and in other situations. 

And I am not ashamed or angry or regretful about my past hurts- but I also do not want to see anything repeated in my kiddos.  I know God does not want me to be afraid for my kids, I need to trust Him, so I am working on that or rather, HE is working on that in me. But I am someone who likes to learn, grow and plan so if this is my battle right now I am fighting it on all fronts.  I want to attack it at all angles.

I’m excited to be writing about building self-confidence in my kiddos.  In thinking about self-confidence with my kiddos I am trying to consider many things…I am certain that a wide variety of things impact my son’s and their self-confidence (ages 4 and 8).

I think of course about their
age, developmental stage, the environments they are in during the day, their relationships, their understanding of the world around them, what they know and believe about God, etc…

I want to cover many specifics and practical ideas in this series of posts because I like practical tips and ideas and things that I can put into place.  An example- one thing I recently read about is emphasizing self-care with boys; cleanliness, taking pride in their appearance, etc.. okay- so my son may be challenging on this front, but I’m gonna try to apply a practical tip- make a little checklist for my 8 year old to comb hair, brush teeth, make sure clothes are clean, etc.. I see this as something tangible and simple that will get him thinking about his appearance- no pressure but might wind up being good for him. 

So- I want to address several things- I have so many ideas-such as friendships, faith, activities like sports, school, responsibilities at home, influence around them, body image etc…

BUT I don’t feel I should move forward without focusing on first things first...

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Love you all!


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